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Anton Corbijn

Kraftwek I - IV

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Anton Corbijn Kraftwek I - IV
"The photographs of Kraftwerk were made in Barcelona in the beginning of the 80s. It was after a Kraftwerk concert, when I went backstage to take a look at the dolls of Kraftwerk. They looked so impressive that I decided to take some close-ups of them. I photographed each head only once. These are actually the only pictures that I have of this group. Only a few years ago I have discovered them again and enlarged. I think they look fantastic. These photos, I think, to some extent characterize the music and the nature of Kraftwerk. Although they are man-made objects, they appeared to me very human, and I’m personally a big fan of Kraftwerk, and I love these pictures very much."
-Anton Corbijn
  • Teknik: Silver gelatin
  • Edition: 10ex
  • Serie om 4st inramade foton
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